Website Planning & Support

A Special Volunteer Service to Non-Profit Organizations

Could you benefit from having a website?

Let me help you.

Non-profit organizations such as clubs, churches, and social agencies are highly dependent on donations, membership fees, and grants to sustain their programs. Setting up a website may seem out of reach to them. As well, it may be unfamiliar territory. I would like to help.

 I started planning, designing, and hosting websites when a community group I belonged to wished to go online.   I volunteered and the rest is history. I have helped numerous organizations setup and maintain their own presence on the web.

I would be glad to discuss with you the wide range of options available.
I will give your website personal attention and support.

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Based in South Central Saskatchewan

I will help you get started by:

- planning your site with you
- maintaining your pages as you would like them
- getting your domain registered at cost
- providing a hosting service at cost
- getting your site online quickly
- securing search engine visibility
- assisting you along the way
- offering personal support

Volunteers are people from all walks of life, all ages and stages.
What they have in common is the desire to make a difference in their community,
and in their own life, by giving of their time and expertise.